Presentation Page

By Iliyana Yakimova

Successus App is a project management application where users can organize their projects. The app motivates users to be organized through planning their projects. Users are able to create account, to login, to set up a list of projects along with description, and to create tasks for each project with a deadline. In addition, users can archive a project and complete a task.

Successus App is created for Web III class where micro-interactions are applied to make the app dynamic and user-friendly. The app has four deliverables: First, I implemented the instance of the app on my server space. Second, I created a Mood Board to research UI design, to decide on which color schemes, form styles, and type hierarchies to include in the app, and to decide on the designs for elements such as buttons, fields, labels, inputs, and icons. Third, I designed an animated logo for the app. The logo page shows different sizes of the logo.